ECOnsulting is an expert in industrial material flows and an innovative developer of the circular economy.

We take overall responsibility for our customer’s challenges and solve them – while exceeding the customer’s expectations.


A large amount of residual resources is created in industry every day, and a solution for processing them is needed.

Our task is to develop new industrial processes that can be used to refine raw materials into new products.

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ECOnsulting helps its customers to find the most efficient solutions for ecological production methods. Our experts tailor the most suitable combination of products and services for the customers and find solutions that meet their needs.

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ECOnsulting’s operations are guided by the values that keep our quality requirements high. Our values are safety and being ecological, innovative and efficient.

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About us

ECOnsulting is a Finnish company focusing on the material efficiency and environmental sustainability of industrial enterprises and the challenges of the circular economy.

For decades, our experts have worked with manufacturing CE-marked residual resource products and carried out related testing globally. We implement projects all over the world.

Our company offers more than our customers expect.

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